No GravatarOk, I have been procrastinating about this but I need to see what you all think about some of these ideas for a story for my adventure RPG game. Some of these are more TFR oriented and some are more LftV oriented.

Log Line: A dippy society dilettante is suddenly thrust into a quest to find a legendary source of ultimate technology before a cunning criminal mastermind and the nefarious leader of an empire of space pirates can use it to conquer the galaxy, and only his brilliant robot butler and an unlikely band of hero-wannabes can help him save the day! – The Far Reaches

Premise 1: When a dippy society dilettante is robbed of his inheritance by his evil uncle and left to actually fend for himself, one of his friends talks him into going on a hair-brained archeological expedition to find treasure and glory! What he finds is an ancient relict that imbeds into his mind the location of the legendary Keeper of Knowledge, said to give ultimate power to those who find it. Now every super villain in the galaxy, from the nefarious leader of an empire of space pirates, to the cunning head of the galaxy’s biggest mega-corporation, and even the mysterious government agency known as the Royal Intelligence and Undercover National Security Service (or RUINSS, you’ve got to hiss the “s”), is after the secrets locked in his brain, which is probably the *only* thing he keeps there. Yet this secret of the ancients may well be so hot it could unleash a long dormant evil that could destroy the galaxy! (Or it might just rule it with an iron fist and ban all froofy cocktails, which would be even worse!!!) Now with the aid of his brilliant robot butler, and an eccentric band of hero wannabes, he must conquer his inner demons and stay one step ahead of the bad guys in order to stop this evil from being unleashed before it’s too late!

Here are some other premises for games I have in mind. This first one has a bit of a superhero meets Jedi kind of vibe where the main character has special powers he must learn.

Premise 2: When the reckless and irresponsible son of the head of a star-spanning weapons corporation is disowned by his father after squandering his inheritance, he is sold into servitude to a maniacally brilliant mad scientist who uses him as a guinea pig, thus giving him special super-human powers. But when the boy discovers the scientist’s plot to use his new powers and rage against his father to take over his father’s corporation and use it to build a doomsday weapon to destroy the Terran Star Kingdom, he must learn responsibility and master his super abilities in order to overthrow the scientist with the help of an eccentric and unlikely band of heroes.

This next premise would involve being in command of a starship and exploring the stars as well as stopping an evil galactic plot.

Premise 3: On the verge of losing his inheritance because of his recklessness, an irresponsible dilettante is shipped off to the Royal Star Navy and given one last chance to prove himself worthy of his war-hero father’s name. Immediately catching the ire of the Fleet Admiral he is sent off to the armpit of the frontier border and assigned to a worn out ship where the Navy’s misfits go to be out of the top brass’ way. But when a surprise attack takes out his commanding officers, leaving him in the captain’s seat of the beat up starship with a crew of misfits in the middle of a full scale invasion, he must take responsibility and somehow bring his crew together to stop a cunning criminal mastermind from using the chaos of the invasion to usurp the throne.

Though I think they need some work, I like all the ideas. But I want to get your feedback. What do you all think of these story premises for an adventure RPG game?

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  1. Targiet

    Great, now i want to play all 4 stories…
    they all sound good although I personally like the sound of 1 and 4 but I like 3 the best. Lot’s of room to manuver with that one and you don’t have to worry about the hassel of writing “why are the characters going here and why are they trying to save the galaxy other than just because they can?” since it would be their Job to be save the day and to throw themselves into life threatening danger.

    If you can’t decide on which one to use you could always throw them all in there, one for each main character or back ground story for characters you pick up. or even npc back story

    Or (assuming you are wanting to make it really complicated) let the player choose his pick at the begining of the game like one of those high and fancy Choose your own Story line type games. But, that’s up to you.

  2. Outlandish

    Haha, knowing me I’d better keep it simple :mrgreen: I really like 3 a lot too. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do in a game is allow the player to explore and play in space: using his starship, equipping it and tricking it out with the latest hull, armor, weapons, and special abilities; and then teleport or land and explore on foot: alien worlds or stations, outposts, towering dystopian cities and other cool locations.

    The nice thing about story 3 is that I’ve already got the game engine set up for that type of game. You can gain ranks as you rise in levels, starting out as an ensign (or maybe 2nd Lieutenant to get a British Royal Navy flair) and rise in the ranks to the rank of Admiral or maybe even a titled peer like in Sid Meyer’s Pirates where you could become a duke with property and maybe retire as the governor of a star system or something. Or maybe just Vice Admiral or Fleet admiral. Anyway you get the idea.

    Also your ship is a character, that like I mentioned, can be upgraded, have “skills” or special abilities, armor, weapons, modules or upgrades, just like a regular character. You can explore space, travel between star systems and planets, etc., and battle other ships in turn-based battles. Then you can command an “away team” or “landing party” of up to four characters including your main captain character to travel on foot and have their own gear, skills and such. Each character will gain ranks or titles depending on class as they rise in level. I even have a nifty teleport or ‘port FX when you “beam” down to planets.

    I don’t know why but I’ve always liked that idea of having a ship and also beaming down and exploring on foot. I would also like it if you can upgrade your ship’s hull and look, and even explore your ship’s bridge and other areas. I’ve even thought of adding a captain’s quarters where souvenirs of your missions are placed as you complete missions. All this stuff is easy to add and I have already prototyped most of it because I really liked the idea.

    So I think I agree that premise 3 is my favorite, though I do like them all, and like you said, I don’t have to explain why they’re on the adventure because it’s their job.

    I’ve been trying to outline out the main story on that one. But I’ll hammer it out. Thanks for the input too! :mrgreen:

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