Steampunk Guy Revisited (Or Recycled…Take your Pick)

No GravatarHere’s one I recently revamped. I’m not sure if I ever show you the sword-girl with the steampunk robot. But I’ve been experimenting with making things more artistic.

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  1. DochSavage

    Nice art!

    Swords against heavy metal, though…doesn’t bode well. She needs heavy maces. Or a long stick.

    Or maybe a grappling hook and chain….visions of Hoth.


  2. Outlandish

    Haha, yeah. Come to think of it swords aren’t the best defense against a big clunky metal robot. :mrgreen: But swords just kind of look cool. Actually this started as an experiment so I just used whatever I had at the time in Daz 3d Studio. Later I went back and did all the fancy steam punky FX and textures and stuff. So I was kind of focusing on the overall process rather than anything else.

    But you bring up a good point when doing images, I need to look at the story behind them and see if they make sense in the context of the world in the image. haha thanks for the input! :grin:

  3. mrtt

    the reason swords are effective against flesh is because swords are harder then flesh.
    the swords could be made of a material that is harder then the material that makes up the bot.
    Just because they are both metal doesn’t mean they are the same kind of metal

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